Chat Noir Productions Ltd was incorporated 2003.

We provide a wide range of video services for businesses, charities and corporations, whether you need to promote your work, showcase your success or highlight a cause. Our services are entirely bespoke. We know that every project is different.

The company directors are Daniel J. Fox and Mark A. Ellingham. They are both graduates in Moving Image. They work with a team of creative freelancers.

The team has won several awards over the years for Best Charity Video, Best Feature, Best Feature Score, Best Short Film and Best Documentary.

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Why choose Chat Noir?

Chat Noir is a creative video company and we never settle for an off-the-shelf solution, instead creating a bespoke solution for each client.

As a Limited Company, Chat Noir has all the appropriate public liability insurance required for filming on client sites. We also offer a few extras that make us a little different:


Chat Noir has a conceptual approach to film-making - every shot counts. We film on ***** and bring light panels .

Motion Graphics

Rather than settle for simple on screen text, Chat Noir prides itself on the inventive and creative use of motion  graphics. Logos and text can be animated onto screen, or possibly even incorporated into the fabric of the scene.

3D Computer Graphics

From a plastic cup to a medieval castle, Chat Noir can build architectural or photo-real computer graphics models for use in client films. Perfect for showing the workings of machinery and visualising a product still in the design phase, Chat Noir can work from detailed drawings or CAD files.

Original Music

Chat Noir only uses original music in its productions. All music is specially written by our in-house composers, giving videos an individual identity.

Brand Integration and Design

Chat Noir offers all clients complete brand integration on all video projects. This means all text, graphics, animation or DVD menus will match a company’s branding, making it feel like an extension, rather than an addition, to any existing marketing materials.

Future Proofing

Chat Noir keeps all HD video and edit files stored on a hard-drive for a agreed time period, allowing a client to update their video if required. (Please note additional filming and edit costs apply.)

Alternative Language and Subtitling

Chat Noir can provide foreign language subtitling for any video. Translation services are also available as part of this service.


Chat Noir can provide close captioned text for upload on YouTube and subtitling for DVDs. This makes videos far more accessible to the deaf and those with partial hearing.


Chat Noir is very experienced working with client and client partners to create an appropriate and workable schedule for filming at a number of locations. Coordinating with featured interviewees, we pride ourselves on making the most efficient use of allotted filming days.


Chat Noir keeps a total HD pipeline from filming through to delivery for web. All videos provided to our clients for YouTube and Vimeo upload are web-ready HD videos.

DVDs are encoded from the HD master and menu systems can be designed to access chapter points or to allow for looped playback.

4K filming is now an option offered.