You may only have a vague idea of the sort of film you require. But that's ok. It's our job to interpret what you need and turn it into a reality.

  • Come to us with a concept and we will propose a solution.
  • You review the proposal / script and make any suggestions.
  • Once this is approved, we can start on production.


  1. We will arrange to film with you. This could be on your premises or at another location. This might involve members of your team being interviewed or actors to portray scenarios. We film on HD cameras, with our own lights and sound recording equipment.
  2. If you don't need filming, then you will need animation of some kind. We provide 3D and 2D animation services. We will discuss the style with you before work begins.

It's likely that your project will incorporate filming and graphics / animation.


  • Animating your logo
  • Mastering the audio quality
  • Adding on-screen text
  • Producing bespoke music
  • Subtitles, signing and/or audio description
  • Voice-over recording


Once the project is approved, we encode a final version in high quality (1920x1080) and deliver it according to your requirements:

  1. If you want to use your video online, we can provide a version optimised for the web. We can also upload it, if that would be helpful.
  2. If you need to distribute the video on DVD, we can give you a master for duplication, or we can handle duplication ourselves. Final DVDs will be printed on the top and can be delivered on a stack, in clear sleeves or in DVD cases with fully-designed cover art.


We enjoy a long-term connection with many of our corporate clients. It makes sense for a number of reasons:

  1. Assets designed for one project are stored and available for future projects.
  2. You may need several versions of the same video to appeal to different audiences.
  3. Once we understand what you need and you know we deliver, everything else follows.