You have just found out that you are going to be filmed. What should you do?

  1. Don't panic if you're not an actor. It wouldn't help. Theatrical performances usually come across as fake on camera, so just relax.
  2. Be aware of your appearance, as it cannot be changed later. Dress comfortably. Be yourself.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. You want your company to look good. It might be normal to have a drink can on the office desk, but will it look good on the video?
  4. When people are nervous and trying to remember lines, they tend to blink more frequently and gabble. Once you know this, it is usually easier to avoid falling into the trap.
  5. If in doubt, remember that the first take is only that. All your mistakes can and will be edited out. We want you to come across as well as you can.
  6. If you do make a mistake in a piece to camera, you can stop and start again, rather than staggering to the end no matter what. Once you have made that mistake, you will probably just relax and do it right!