Chat Noir can provide:

  • Close captioned text for upload on YouTube
  • Subtitles
  • Signing
  • Audio description

The video on the right was commissioned by the Lantern Project charity to reach out to deaf survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It features two actors signing (with subtitles for non-signing audience members) and a signer on-screen when there are verbal interviews to camera.

Original Music

Chat Noir projects have music composed by our in-house team.

The style varies to suit the project:

  • massive orchestral sound or something clean and modern
  • something light and relaxed or something sensitive.

Our music is not only new and royalty free, but it is scored to picture by our award-winning team. This means that we, as film-makers, do not have to change the visuals to fit in with the music but instead the music is designed to fit our pictures like a glove.


Voice-Overs an audience can relate to

We work with actors, actresses and voice-over specialists to make sure that the message comes across in the right way for a particular video.

In this cartoon to educate children about how and when to phone the police, it was decided that a child actor should be used to express the thoughts in a way that children would understand. The voice-over was recorded first so that the animation could match with the timings of the child's performance.


Voice-Overs to aid communication

Often a voice-over artist provides warm narration to a corporate video.

But sometimes there are other reasons for choosing a voice-over. In this video, the survivor was not able to recount his traumatic experiences himself, so an actor spoke words. In this way, the message was communicated but without causing additional distress.

Logo Integration and Animation

Logo Integration

Logo integration means that your video will feel part of your other marketing material. The brand can be reinforced throughout the presentation by using your company's colours and fonts.

In the example on the right, the logo was adapted to make the College a welcoming and exciting place to the video's target audience.

Logo Animation

As part of brand integration, we can take your company / organisation's existing logo and animate it, so that it will not stand out as the static point in a lively presentation. Here are a few examples:


In 2014, Chat Noir produced these affectionate recreations of iconic films for Chester Film Co-op. They demonstrate how important font and colour can be in forging the identity of a film's brand.


You have just found out that you are going to be filmed. What should you do?

  1. Don't panic if you're not an actor. It wouldn't help. Theatrical performances usually come across as fake on camera, so just relax.
  2. Be aware of your appearance, as it cannot be changed later. Dress comfortably. Be yourself.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. You want your company to look good. It might be normal to have a drink can on the office desk, but will it look good on the video?
  4. When people are nervous and trying to remember lines, they tend to blink more frequently and gabble. Once you know this, it is usually easier to avoid falling into the trap.
  5. If in doubt, remember that the first take is only that. All your mistakes can and will be edited out. We want you to come across as well as you can.
  6. If you do make a mistake in a piece to camera, you can stop and start again, rather than staggering to the end no matter what. Once you have made that mistake, you will probably just relax and do it right!