Animating 101 and 999

For the last few months, Chat Noir have been developing a series of animated films to help inform school age children of the different uses of the 101 and 999 telephone numbers.

Commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, the videos were created with input from local Cheshire school children. Click the images below to view the final videos:

Working with the Police

Chat Noir have been commissioned by Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire to produce two films, to teach school children and young people when they should use 101 and when they should use 999.

Rhuddlan Castle - Day 1

Chat Noir Productions has just finished the first day of a shoot at Rhuddlan Castle for the latest Lost in Castles documentary.

Ghosts of the Odeon

"Ghosts of the Odeon" centres on a young boy’s journey around the long forgotten cinema. Exploring from the lobby to the auditorium, he encounters echoes of the past, as iconic movies come to life.

While much of the film relies on replicating music and sound cues, it was also necessary to recreate a number of classic movie scenes. Characters including Han Solo and Indiana Jones were joined by creatures from Alien, ET, Jurassic Park and Gremlins.

The Chester Odeon is a place filled with many happy memories and "Ghosts of the Odeon" recaptures the excitement of growing up loving movies.