Back at the NWWM

Today Chat Noir returned to the National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port to capture more shots of the on-going Keeping History Afloat Project.

National Waterways Museum

As part of the continuing filming for "Keeping History Afloat II", Chat Noir Productions attended the second networking event held at the National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port, in association with National Historic Ships. Filming took place both in the conference room and in the Heritage Boatyard.

Lifting "Ferret"

On November 8th, Chat Noir Productions filmed once more at the Heritage Boatyard: National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port.

Chat Noir are documenting the Keeping History Afloat scheme, a project for the National Historic Ships and the Canal and River Trust, which gives three trainees the opportunity to learn traditional boat-right skills*.

The latest filming shows the canal boat "Ferret" being craned into the Heritage Boatyard, so that the trainees can work on conserving this historic vessel.

To commemorate the event, Chat Noir have produced two short films. One showing the entire Ferret craning and another recording the celebrations by the volunteers and the trainees.