Back in trenches

Today Chat Noir has been filming a 1940s style war movie scene as Chester Military Museum. Using real period uniforms and the museums trench exhibition as a set, the scene was filmed in just an hour, before the building was opened to the public.

Excerpts from the scene will be used in a new film celebrating the RE:NEW project, Chester’s new Cultural Centre.

World War II Props

When working on a drama project, 50% of the work happens before we even get on set. Today in preparation for tomorrow's shoot at the Chester military museum, Chat Noir have been working on creating a World War II era military ID.

In the trenches

Today the cameras stayed at home, while Chat Noir went on a location scout to Chester Military Museum. As part of the on-going RE:NEW project, a location was needed to film a short 1940s style film. Thankfully, the trench display at the museum proved to be perfect.

Filming is to take place in the next week, so look out for our on-set report.