In the trenches

Today the cameras stayed at home, while Chat Noir went on a location scout to Chester Military Museum. As part of the on-going RE:NEW project, a location was needed to film a short 1940s style film. Thankfully, the trench display at the museum proved to be perfect.

Filming is to take place in the next week, so look out for our on-set report.

Down by the riverside

This morning, Chat Noir Productions were up bright and early. We were filming in Chester even before the early morning joggers had arrived.

Capturing the early morning sun, today's filming was for a sequence in a new film celebrating the RE:NEW project, Chester’s new Cultural Centre.

Ghosts of the Odeon

"Ghosts of the Odeon" centres on a young boy’s journey around the long forgotten cinema. Exploring from the lobby to the auditorium, he encounters echoes of the past, as iconic movies come to life.

While much of the film relies on replicating music and sound cues, it was also necessary to recreate a number of classic movie scenes. Characters including Han Solo and Indiana Jones were joined by creatures from Alien, ET, Jurassic Park and Gremlins.

The Chester Odeon is a place filled with many happy memories and "Ghosts of the Odeon" recaptures the excitement of growing up loving movies.

Filming inside Chester's Art Deco Odeon

Today Chat Noir were filming Ghosts of the Odeon in the 1936 Art Deco Chester Odeon, in the heart of the city's Northgate quarter. By late 2016, the building is due to be redeveloped into Chester's new cultural centre.

Chester Film Co-op

Chat Noir Productions Ltd (as members of the Chester film CO-OP) were lucky to be taken on a guided tour of the now derelict Chester Odeon. These photos show present state of the building which is due to be re-developed as part of the new arts centre.