Langford Estate Filming

Today Chat Noir Productions were back at Rhuddlan Castle, this time filming shots on land belonging to Lord Langford of Bodrhyddan Hall. These shots give a unique view of the castle, especially shrouded in the beautiful morning mist.

Amsiggel in Moroccan

One of our on-going projects for the last couple of months has been "Amsiggel". This video is made up of a series of watercolour pictures, with a narration in Morrocan. For the past eight years our client has been working with a film company in the south of England, to see this work put together, but without any real progress. We're pleased to say the client is receiving a proof copy this week, after a few months of work.

Tribute to Titanic

On 24th of March, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral hosted "Tribute to Titanic", featuring the Liverpool Welsh Choral Society. The event formed part of the city’s centenary remembrances, commemorating the loss of so many lives on the ill-fated voyage.

Chat Noir filmed the entire service for the Liverpool Welsh Choral Society, and DVD copies have now been supplied to members.

As well as a stunning central performance by the Choral Society and dancing by GODS (Growing Old Disgracefully), the service featured readings, and memories of the tragedy, with relatives of the survivors and merchant seamen in attendance.

The Dome of Home

This morning, with over 800 guests and worshippers in attendance, Chat Noir recorded the dedication of Ss Peter and Paul’s in New Brighton, as the first Roman Catholic Church in England devoted to the Latin Mass.

The Grade 2 listed building was closed in 2008, but thanks to the efforts of the SOUL (Save Our Local Landmark) campaign, which took the fight to the Vatican, it has been reopened as The Shrine Church of Ss Peter & Paul & Philomena.

The local landmark was nicknamed “The Dome of Home” by sailors, as it was one of the first buildings they would see on returning to the port of Liverpool.

Chat Noir Productions was commissioned by SOUL to produce a DVD of the event, which will be sold worldwide.

From Cheshire to Lincoln's Inn Fields

We continue to enjoy recording the Chancery Bar Association lectures at Lincoln's Inn Fields: