At the Hillsborough enquiry press conference

Today Dan Fox, one of the directors of Chat Noir, filmed a press conference following the Hillsborough verdict in Warrington. Shooting alongside crews from the BBC and Sky, the final video will be used by the families' legal team to form a record of this important day for the people of Liverpool.

Back in trenches

Today Chat Noir has been filming a 1940s style war movie scene as Chester Military Museum. Using real period uniforms and the museums trench exhibition as a set, the scene was filmed in just an hour, before the building was opened to the public.

Excerpts from the scene will be used in a new film celebrating the RE:NEW project, Chester’s new Cultural Centre.

World War II Props

When working on a drama project, 50% of the work happens before we even get on set. Today in preparation for tomorrow's shoot at the Chester military museum, Chat Noir have been working on creating a World War II era military ID.

In the trenches

Today the cameras stayed at home, while Chat Noir went on a location scout to Chester Military Museum. As part of the on-going RE:NEW project, a location was needed to film a short 1940s style film. Thankfully, the trench display at the museum proved to be perfect.

Filming is to take place in the next week, so look out for our on-set report.

Down by the riverside

This morning, Chat Noir Productions were up bright and early. We were filming in Chester even before the early morning joggers had arrived.

Capturing the early morning sun, today's filming was for a sequence in a new film celebrating the RE:NEW project, Chester’s new Cultural Centre.

Langford Estate Filming

Today Chat Noir Productions were back at Rhuddlan Castle, this time filming shots on land belonging to Lord Langford of Bodrhyddan Hall. These shots give a unique view of the castle, especially shrouded in the beautiful morning mist.

Animating 101 and 999

For the last few months, Chat Noir have been developing a series of animated films to help inform school age children of the different uses of the 101 and 999 telephone numbers.

Commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, the videos were created with input from local Cheshire school children. Click the images below to view the final videos:

Halliday Factory Filming

Today Chat Noir Productions were on location filming at Halliday's factory in Birkenhead.

Active Cheshire in the community

Today Chat Noir were filming at Ellesmere Port Methodist Church with Active Cheshire, recording some of the projects the charity is working on with local people.

A day at Church

Today Chat Noir travelled to New Brighton, for a location shoot in a church. We were filming sequences for a series of promotional films for Halliday Funeral Supplies.

Photographing Crystal Robin

Earlier this year, Chat Noir Productions were commissioned to produce a series of videos and still images to promote Crystal Robin. Chat Noir were also responsible for building her commerce website and social media profiles.

Below are some of the images we captured of the Crystal Robin gift boxes.

Professional IT Support

We are currently developing a website for new business ITISee, including customised design for graphical elements.

Working with the Police

Chat Noir have been commissioned by Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire to produce two films, to teach school children and young people when they should use 101 and when they should use 999.