Award Nomination for Best Digital Producer

Dan Fox, Creative Director of Chat Noir Productions Ltd., has been shortlisted by Audio Production Awards 2017 for ....

Best Digital Producer

This award recognises an individual who understands the social media environment, and is able to deliver smart, creative content that makes full use of the platform it’s on.

The nomination is for Dan's work to promote the B7 Media's Dan Dare Audio Adventures, through more than 4 uniquely crafted films. Here is one of the films: Dan Dare - A Brief History.

Chat Noir filming at Bentley Motors

Chat Noir is filming at Bentley Motors this afternoon.

Chat Noir Productions documentary on BBC Inside Out

A DAN DARE mini-documentary will screen as part of an upcoming edition of "Inside Out" BBC North West on Monday 2nd October at 7.30pm.


The mini-documentary will tell the Frank Hampson’s story, celebrating Dan Dare and The Eagle, and bringing the story up-to-date showcasing our all-new audio adventures.

The film is still scheduled to be shown on Monday October 2nd at 7.30pm on BBC One North West. If you have a Sky Box you can watch the regional opt for the NW on channel 958. 

It will of course be on BBC iPlayer shortly afterwards for 30 days.

The mini-documentary was produced by Chat Noir.

Renders of Rhuddlan Castle for our co-production documentary

Lost in Castles and Chat Noir Productions Ltd. are pleased to give this first view of the Rhuddlan Castle model.

First look at the Chester reconstruction

First look at the renders of St John the Baptists and the city of Chester for the new DVD from Chat Noir Productions LtdLost in Castles and Film Chester.

Client explains how he makes money with our videos

An article written by a client - regarding a series of web videos made by Chat Noir Productions Ltd

"If you’re willing to pay for YouTube ads, you can increase viewership of almost any video.

I did this myself, with my investing videos. When I paid $500 a month to YouTube, we generated over 10,000 views for a designated video. When I didn’t, viewership went down to 100-200 views.

But the metrics are very misleading. I didn’t see a spike in subscribers commensurate with the increase in viewers, so I stopped advertising and my subscriber numbers continued to grow organically.

But here’s the most interesting thing I learned: The number of subscribers and viewers you have may not have any relationship to the amount of business you generate from your videos. I have 472 subscribers. Yet the number of inquiries I’ve received for speaking engagements all over the world and coaching requests (including requests to consult on video projects) has more than doubled in my practice since I started posting videos."

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More pictures from the advert charity shoot

We are making an advert for free for the National Kidney Federation, to air soon on Sky.